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Sunday, December 20, 2009


Shaun G

Could someone chime in and state whether, as a rule, all as-yet-unreleased documentation that might support (or contraindicate) that Pius XII did everything he could to help the Jews will be made public through the beatification process?

I guess what I'm asking, in other words, is whether it is possible that certain information in the archives that would be relevant to Pius XII's cause might somehow remain non-public.

If that's not the case -- if everything that's relevant becomes public during the process -- then one would assume that it has already been "vetted." Right?

Manuel G. Daugherty Razetto

Glory be! Finally we see Pius XII on his way to the altars of our beloved Church. Halleluya! Halleluya ! Halleluya! I am all exited about this news, perhaps because I was a child during his reign. Because my relatives had the happiness of meeting him in private audience. They told me the incredible magnetism that this Holy man had. Because at my K-12 school, St Josephs Marist School I learned, daily, about the wonderful work of His Holiness Pius XII. We all must thank Benedict XVI for his decision, which as we see these days, is not well accepted by all.


CBS news Saturday Night (Dec. 19, 2009) described the event as "so-called decree of heroic virtue". You know they would never describe President Obama, or the like, as "co-called Commander-In-Chief", nor should they.

Sandra Miesel

I greatly admire Pius XII, the pope of my childhood. I do wish the critics would look at the extensive documentation already published before they whine. No one criticized his behavior during WWII until that vile propaganda play THE DEPUTY came along in the '60s. "Fast-tracked"? Pius XII died in 1958!

But let's remember that the causes of Popes Pius IX and John XXIII were coupled in the same manner to please different constituencies.

Robert Miller

Habemus Papam! Benedictus qui venit in nomine Domini!

Like Manuel, I had Venerable Pius XII as childhood Holy Father and guide. I thank God I have lived to see Benedict XVI, in my old age, confound the worldly-wise with his penetrating brilliance as a theologian, his homage to Pope Pius XII, and his implementation of the hermeneutic of continuity through Summorum Pontificum.

Viva il Papa!

tony foleybach

When I became terminally ill with cancer last year (I was told I had months to live and I live still, thank God!), I chose Pius XII to lead me through my final months and to plead to the Lord for my healing, if it pleased the Father. So, it is with great joy that I heard of the decree. God bless you, Benedict XVI!


It seems to me that somebody that was a Catholic in Germany during WII would be able to know whether Pope Pius XII's opinion of Hitler was clear or not. Sure he was only 12 when the war started but a bright 12 year-old can pick up pretty quickly whether the pope approves of certain public figures or not. So he might might be trying to re-write history because he knows first hand they got it wrong.

Robert Miller

The elevation of Pope Pius XII is a profound service to Truth. It is "easy" to proclaim John Paul II venerable -- to the acclaim of most of the world, except for a few degenerate Commonweal and Irish "Catholics". But raising Pius XII (as earlier John Paul raised Pius IX)is a "teaching moment". As always, Pope Benedict exhibits an exquisite grasp of the moment.

Joseph D'Hippolito

Frankly, I do not believe that the late Pope should be "fast tracked" on the way to canonization. A lot of investigating must be done about his adminstration (or lack thereof) during his papacy -- especially the lack of effective discipline for bishops who enabled perverts in the clergy (and, I'm sorry, but having Cdl. Law be the presiding priest of St. Mary Major while retaining his ability to vote for the next Pope is not what I would call "discipline.")

There's a reason why the Vatican imposed a five-year waiting period before considering the candidacy of potential saints. The whole idea was to let any popular devotion calm down so that the candidate is evaluated as objectively as possible. Unfortunately, JPII's cult of personality was very strong. It has influenced a lot of good and devout, yet naive, people. There's no point to waiving the usual requirements in the face of one man's immense popularity.


Some interesting additions to this story here:

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