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Sunday, December 20, 2009


Dr John James

Just thought I'd mention that the official confirmation of the canonisation of the first Australian, Mary McKillop, was made to-day by Cardinal Pell, with alot of media attention here in Australia.
Mary founded a teaching order, in the latter part of the 19th century, here in Australia, that was responsible for the education of generations of Catholic children, especially in the more remote communities of this vast continent.
She was a woman of immense courage who endured alot of contradictions, including being excommunicated by a local Ordinary at one point,but who gave a great example of fidelity to the Church and tremendous love of God.
Her family were Scottish Highlanders, who emigrated to Australia.
I always remember that great scene in Mel Gibson's film, Braveheart, when the young William Wallace's uncle comes to collect him, after the death of his immediate family.
"Do you not speak Latin?" asks William's uncle, in a rather exasperated tone.
"No," replies a perplexed William.
"Well, we'll soon remedy that" states the uncle.
All of which reminded me that the Highlanders had kept the Faith amidst much adversity.

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