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Steve T

Congratulations! Sheler did a nice job, and worked in your material well. I particularly liked the end of the article, which closed on these thoughts:

"And if only one person were to come away with a distorted impression of Jesus Christ or his church, our concern would be for that person as if he or she were the whole world."

Those are words that my heart has been searching for since I began looking into TDVC. I would only complement them with similar thoughts about upholding the name of Christ.

Also, this:

"We've been given an opportunity to teach our people what we probably should have been doing a better job of teaching them all along..."

I hope the church takes it's job more seriously after this. Really, TDVC was something of a "softball pitch", and we had plenty of time to react. But there are other challenges, and always will be. We need to be ready (1 Pet 3:15; 2 Cor 10:3-5).



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