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Well if this article http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20060516/ap_en_mo/film_cannes_da_vinci_code_2 is to be believed, the Duh vincites might lose faith in Dan Brown. Looks like Barabra Nicoloisi was quite correct: this movie will tank after the first week. Not a good sign when people laugh and jeer during a movie.


If the movie is as bad as reports suggest, it might also result in killing the book.


I went to the advance screening last night.

I was underwhelmed, and several critics (including me) chuckled out loud at the biggest "revelations."

Really, it was kind of dull and occasionally quite silly.

I posted my review on my site, Scribe Life.

Kathryn Grover

Ya know, it just occurred to me. The trouble with film critics is many of them were probably art or media art majors in college. Meaning you'll have quite a disproportionate number of people with art history backgrounds in that audience.

No wonder they tried to hide it from the critics....

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