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A Gaggle of DeerTM

Gee Carl... is writing a review of something you haven't seen ethical? I understand the questionable ethics of writing a book "based in fact" when there is substantial evidence to the contrary... but I thought an eye for an eye was so... like old testiment and stuff.

-David Titus,
Editor, A Gaggle of DeerTM


I think Carl's post was meant to be tongue-in-cheek (as was Amy's).

El Perro Patron

Why bother writing a review of the film? Plenty of others will do that. I'd rather write e review of the writhing, whining wingnuts who are threatened by Dan Brown's book. Here goes...

Catho-holics and Fundamentalist Mouthbreathers throughout the land will be on an amphetamine-fueled rampage beginning May 19 with the release of the film version of Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code. They've been gearing up for this for months, perhaps even for years, as the book began to skyrocket up the charts. What's sending the outrage-addicted, frothing minions into binge-drinking of wingnut-flavored Kool-Aid is the fact that the fictional novel dares to use alternative theories of history to the Church-Approved mythology that a nice little Jewish boy was born of a virgin, died a virgin and magically flew out of his grave after having been murdered by the very people he came to save. Never mind the fact that this very same archetypical "Hero's Myth" has existed in numerous cultures long before the supposed birth of Christ. We'll save that for another post.

So yes, Dan Brown committed the cardinal sin of offering an alternative version to the official myth, causing people across the globe to wonder if there may just be some things that they were taught in Sunday School that might not be factually correct. And now the Cretins of Christianity are on the warpath against Brown and his book. This all goes hand in hand with the charges of Blasphemy and War on Christianity that flow freely from the pulpits of America and from the blather-holes of the hyperventilators at Faux News. Yes, its all true, Little Ones, your religion is being examined for historical accuracy, debated, criticized and even mocked. Well guess what wingnuts, if your "faith" can't withstand a little questioning and/or ridicule, just how strong is it? How much "faith" can you have in your own faith when you advocate taking legal action against someone who dares to question it? http://go.reuters.com/newsArticle.jhtml?type=topNews&storyID=12089692

But how much of this is about faith and how much about good old fashioned greed? Check out Amazon.com. There are at least a dozen books on the market purporting to "debunk" http://insightscoop.typepad.com/2004/ (How do you debunk a work of fiction?) DVC. Looks to me like these guys saw the tens of millions of dollars flowing into Dan Brown's bank account and decided to piggyback on his phenomenal success, thus engaging in at least two of the Seven Deadly Sins; Envy and Greed, and most likely a third; Anger. Its not only other authors that are capitalizing on Brown's success, but churches themselves are getting on it. And this makes sense. Think about it, if one church announces that they will have a sermon next Sunday discussing the relevance of Luke Chapter 16 (Look it up) and one across the street announces that they will be discussing a book that at least 40 million people have recently read, which one do you think will fill the pews (and thusly, the collection plates) more on that Sunday?

Websites, dedicated to selling books, organizing protests and of course, soliciting donations have sprung up all over the place. Check out The American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP)'s http://www.tfp.org/davincicode/index.htm site. What I really love about these guys is their nifty logo that looks like something that a Medieval Templar would have on his shield and/or breastplate while riding of into battle against the hordes of Mohammedism. They really believe they are taking up the mantle of the ancient Crusaders by organizing their little protest at multiplexes across the nation. Onward, Christian Soldiers!! And be sure to stop by the Bed Bath and Beyond next to the theater after the protest is over.

But other than greed and envy, perhaps there's another motivation to attack the book and its author: Yet another Weapon of Mass Distraction. Setting up an battling a fictional strawman is far preferable for the Catholic Church than having to continue to explain to their parishioners and the public at large why Holy Mother Church spent decades simply reassigning exposed pedophile priests rather than turning them over to legal authorities as was their lawful and moral responsibility. Never mind the children! Look at was this damned book is saying about that whore, Mary!

But wait, you Baptists and Fundamentalists also have good reason to seek distractions and get the attention off your own failures and inadequacies. Teri Schiavo, anyone? How about the debate over "Intelligent Design" and evolution? How about using rampant homophobia, racism, sexism and superstition as political weapons? But hell, never mind all those affronts. Nothing to see here, move along. Lets talk about The War On Christmas and Da Vinci Code. Remember, you, the 80% of America that calls itself Christian, you are the ones who are the real victims here. Never forget that.

And speaking of the Religious Right, check out the lasted pronouncement that God On High whispered into the ear of our favorite lunatic: http://www.wftv.com/news/9235304/detail.html#

And just what the hell is "Blasphemy" anyway? Anytime anyone says anything that questions or mocks or rejects the official doctrine of The Church, they are accused of blasphemy. I guess sanctions against "blasphemy" were the original Political Correctness. Why can't I disbelieve and strongly denounce or mock your religion? In the Marketplace of Ideas why is a religion to be singled out as a protected monopoly, free from the burden of having to "compete" equally with other religions, philosophies, beliefs and codes of conduct? Why should Christianity be given a no-bid contract? Who do they think they are, Halliburton? Why does it need to be protected? Are these religious beliefs built upon such a fragile house of cards that their leaders and many practitioners fear that a few good blasts from the realms of Reason, Literature, Art or Humor can bring it all crashing down?

One man's religion is another mans quaint allegory and/or mythology. But as long as it gives you comfort and meaning, that should be enough. The desire/obsession to make your neighbors believe and behave as you do just stems from insecurity in yourself and your faith. If you chose to believe that your spiritual leader died a virgin and flew out of his grave like David Blaine, good for you. If someone else wants to believe that he married and had kids, who does that hurt? Only your fragile ego, that someone might believe differently than you.

Remember, it was one of our genius forefathers, Thomas Jefferson, who once wrote, "But it does me no injury for my neighbor to say there are twenty gods or no God. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg."

Sane non christian

freaky christians are scared! spending much money and effort to discredit the Da Vinci code. But it doesn't work. It is out there, and you crazy idiots can't torture and kill people anymore when they say or think what you don't like. Try something new: research and think with your own head! Draw your own conclusions! Only Sheep need sheperds :) Enjoy the film and books.


So you're an example of a SANE non Christian. Nuff said.

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