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Da Vinci's true feelings and ideas are not fact they are only things that some people would wish for -that is a Jesus that is all too human and frail as we are. In fact some people can't visualize anyone that is sinless. It makes no sense for a God to become man and then be infatuated with one of his creatures to the point that he marries her and enjoyes the lesser pleasures of life-sex.An not only that he is supposed to have children-the hard way for a God.I think you people are absolutely crazy to put credibility to this. It is the most rediculous thing I have ever heard of.I also think that people who have a difficult time believing write their own interpretations and beliefs from this book and they even feel that now that sin can be justified in their own twisted way.The only reason people defend this book is because they defend sin-they are not disgusted by this they are pleased and nobody shall take this pleasure from them.

Christopher Campbell

I have read Davinci Hoax and I find it well written and researched - something you cannot say about Davinci Code. If people really want to read some well written Historical Fiction, then by golly I can whip up a good list of Poul Andersons' books. They won't raise skepticism but they are well written, entertaining, and educational.



My apologies in advance ... this will be long, since I have a lot of pent-up frustration with the DVC and its spin-offs.

I have a copy of your (and Sandra's) excellent book, which I enjoyed and found very informative. A friend of mine is currently reading it, and finds it equally interesting. I have also urged another friend to buy one, since she tells me that her daughter has become somewhat skeptical about the Church after reading DVC -- I told my friend that your book would answer all of her daughter's questions.

Of all the "debunkung DVC" books that came out in my country, DVH was the only one I bought, precisely because it was printed by "the Pope's publisher" -- which tells me that the writers are sure to be truly credible authorities on the issues, and that the book itself is certain to be a credible work.

(And incidentally, I am reading Charles Nicholl's biography "Leonardo da Vinci: Flights of the Mind", and through all the discussions on Leonardo's paintings, from his earliest works to his later paintings, there hasn't been a single mention of the Priory of Sion, or any of the claims made about Leonardo's "true feelings" as they're supposed to be expressed in his paintings. But then I suppose Dan Brown's legions of fans are going to claim that poor Mr. Nicholls must be under the control of the Vatican!)

I'm tired of all this DVC and Gospel of Judas nonsense being spouted by people who don't even care to really know and understand what the Catholic faith is all about. With all the terrible problems plaguing the world today, it is an enormous disappointment to me that an organization like the National Geographic would actively promote the Gospel of Judas, when they could have devoted their resources to in-depth reports on far more urgent matters such as the humanitarian crisis in Sudan, or the plight of the Christians in the Middle East. But no, they'd rather spend time on Judas -- how did we come to this? I don't know if I can ever bring myself to buy a copy of National Geographic ever again -- this stunt with Judas cost them their credibility, as far as I'm concerned. I had always thought that they were far more interested in credibility than in profit -- it seems that I was sorely mistaken.

If Dan Brown, Margaret Starbird, Elaine Pagels, and the HBHG trio don't want to believe in Christianity -- or in the Catholic Church -- they are free to do so; no one, and certainly not the Pope, is forcing them to swear allegiance to the Catholic Church. Unless they haven't been paying attention, the Catholic Church does not issue "death sentences" against those who chose to leave and follow other religions, nor do we pillory these "lost brethren" in the media. We bid them farewell with a heavy heart, and pray instead, that one day, they will return home at last, by the grace of the God who loves us.

I see no reason, therefore, why they have to level the most ridiculous insults and lies against the Church, or to go such inane lengths to "discredit" the faith that has changed the lives of countless people for the better. What have we ever done to them?

I repeat: It is a source of immense disappointment to me that certain quarters with great resources at their command would rather trumpet the "Gospel of Judas" and rehabilitate a traitor and a betrayer, or defend the lies marketed by people who have a far more selfish agenda than they care to admit, than heed and act on the very real and very urgent calls of the Holy Father for peace in our time. How many more innocent people will pay with their lives and their blood before the world turns its eyes away from the blatherings of Dan Brown and Co., and really heeds the call of our suffering brethren? How did we come to this?

Cristina A. Montes

Now that Lisa mentioned "National Geographic", I must say that I'm disappointed in it. I realized that it's no longer the interesting magazine I knew it to be; it's more now like "Time" and "Newsweek" that falls to the temptation of mass appeal.

Dim Bulb

"Feel the love! Marvel in the bracing wit! Be blinded by the searing sarcasm!" You sholud have added, "Glory in the literary grace!"
"I have not your book yet, but right away I am not sure I want to." Shakespearean!!!

"Even if all the 'facts' in the book are not true, it still raises much skepticism in my mind and in the minds of many people who have read it." This is your brain on DVC. Any questions?

"The main problem I have with your book, is this... your publisher." The main problem? How many other problems can a person have with a book they've never read?

Barbara Lifton

The Da Vinci Code is a poorly written, boring book about issues that have been more cogently elucidated by archeologists, palentologists, biblical historians, geneticists, physicists, science historians, historical journalists and Charles Darwin.

There is no "hoax" in a work of fiction, even if it contains one page of purported facts. The only hoax is the one readers perpetrate upon themselves, when they read fiction as fact, and then fail to read the historical and scientific facts about the issues raised by the author. People seem to have a propensity to become hysterical about issues that challenge their beliefs, but about which they know very little. I recommend that both you, and all of Brown's readers, go to the nearest Library and inform yourselves.

BTW, I am an ethnic Jew, and an atheist and secular humanist, who has a profound admiration for people who truly try to live the precepts of their religion, and who do unto others, etc., as all of the humanist, transcendental and deist religions since the beginning of recorded history have taught. I am sad to say that almost no member of the human race I have met in the 71 years I have spent on Earth, including myself, lives up to that ideal.

As far as the "facts" about a marriage that may have taken place almost 2000 years ago between a charismatic leader of a rebellious Jewish religious sect in Roman Palestine, and a woman he really cared about: there are none.
However, if this person was a "Rabbi" as he seemed to have been called when he lived, he would have been married, or, (unless he made periodic visits to a ritual bath) he would have definitely been forbidden from speaking before a synagogue congregation, because of the Judaic injunction that "spilling your seed" made you unclean. (It is assumed by the Orthodox that single men have noctornal emissions-which is why they marry young.) Maybe that's why he is said to have spoken before followers in the open air, or maybe, his wife wasn't spoken about because it would have been dangerous to identify her, when he was in rebellion against both the Roman occupation, its allies in the Jewish priesthood, and in danger of arrest. Doesn't matter because no one will ever truly know.
Interesting Blog.

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