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My mom finally finished reading the book-
she, who reads a thousand page book in a day, had to spend two days on this heresy because it was so terribly written.
So not only are the facts mixed with fiction, but also there are continuity errors that take away from the book's actual plot. For example, Silas speaks of this Church being "a fortress at night" and later they describe this 60 year old nun with creaky joints who locks up the Church at night at cleans up a little. She's the only obstruction to the inside of the Church. I wonder what makes her so terrible that Silas calls it a fortress.

Cristina A. Montes

At least those who say "Put your brain on the shelf while reading TDVC" implicitly admit that it's the people with brains who criticize the novel, and those who love it are those with detachable brains. :P

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