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Sandra Miesel

Sharan Newman is a fiction writer of fantasy as well as mysteries with a degree in medieval history. I'm fairly sure she's got her own sing along with Dan Brown book, too.


The strengths of Newman's book are that it CAN be offered to people who will dismiss Christian writers out-of-hand. It also is written in encyclopedia style, very brief articles about key concepts. (This of course could also be considered a weakness, as it works against building coherent arguments, and encourages repetition of some information.)

I didn't agree with all of it, but it certainly isn't a fan-book.

I don't think it's as good as Da Vinci Hoax, or de-Coding Da Vinci, but it has a place and an audience in the overall scheme of things.

Cristina A. Montes

'I really don't look at it from a religious point of view because religion is faith, and faith is what you have when there's no proof.'

I don't agree with this statement's underlying premise that faith is unreasonable. Faith is the acceptance of a proposition not because of the intrinsic evidence but because of the credibility of the person saying it. So an act of faith also involves some thinking because you have to assess the credibility of the source of the proposition in question.

Most of the things we know, we accept because of faith (albeit on a human level). For example, I know I was born on October 31, 19nevermind not because I checked the calendar myself right after I was born but because my parents told me and I think they are credible people to say so. Life will come to a standstill if we always had to have intrinsic evidence before we accept a proposition.

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