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The Soccer Mom

My husband is going to do a talk locally about the falacies in DVC. (He's using your book as one source.) He is planning on watching the horrid movie just for research purposes. I got rid of our copy of the book a while ago, but now need to acquire a copy somehow for his talk. He wants to be EXTREMELY prepared to give his talk. This blog is on our list of places, too. Thanks so much for giving such great resources and pointing out other people's books, CD's, etc.

Mary Joyce P.

I prayed that The damned movie will not be shown here in our country, but it's being shown so I expect that all of us will have the God-given sense to stay away from it. (Ha, ha, God wins.)I believe that the truth always wins out, coz the bottm line of all these lies is about money: Dan Brown sold himself to the devil for money. And the reason why so many teenagers are lured to these is because they were never taught in chilhood, I mean genuine education with love, about the Saints,(Parental& teachers' negligence.)to imitate them, love them and pray to them.

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