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That is a complete falsehood. Pagan churches were not remade into Christian churches. Around the time of persecution, Christians would not dare to set foot in a Pagan church at all. They instead went to the basilicas, which were places of meeting for general reasons, and they would offer Mass there. That is why churches today are sometimes known as 'basilicas' and they have a similar layout.
As for no one knowing the truth, you cannot know the truth unless you want to know the truth.


This article http://www.canada.com/nationalpost/news/story.html?id=f97e6516-8ffe-48f6-8d81-81a5f607e2de
1 in 5 Canadians believe in the Duh Vinci fairy tail. So when people say that Duh Vinci is just fiction, we can point to this poll which indicates that a lot of people believe that nonsense. Guess Dan has tapped into something deep-theologically illiteracy by contemporary western civ citizens. It,s really sad.

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