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Cristina A.Montes

I was not surprised that the letter written by the "Disciple of the Code" quoted by Carl came from the "Philippine Daily Inquirer." (Although in fairness, PDI also publishes articles and letters that have sound ideas.)

As for the "prized possession" description, I must explain that $15.95 converted to Philippine pesos would be a lot -- not exactly a luxury item, but not something you buy off the shelf every day either. Oh, the the stuff that I could buy for the price of a hardbound copy of TDVC!


Another argument against the "it's just fiction" position that I haven't heard too much is that Dan Brown lists a link to a disgruntled former Opus Dei member web site. The site is real, not fiction. It can hardly be argued that Dan Brown wrote this novel (or his wife did or whatever) without a very obvious axe to grind.

Cristina A. Montes

"If one's faith is strong, no book or film can shake it."

I agree with this statement, but this statement also raises the question of how do you keep your faith strong. Every Catholic has the duty to keep his faith strong, and one way is by being critical of (not closed to) intellectual fads and continuously educating himself on the faith.

Also, true faith blossoms in love. If you truly love Christ and His Church you will defend them.


I don't think any of these same people who defend the book would be quite so quick to defend an ostensible work of "fiction" that slandered their mother or father by name. "Oh, oh, don't get upset-- it's just fiction!" "But it says all this stuff about MY DAD that's just totally untrue! The author basically got my dad's name right, and then made up all kinds of garbage about him!" "But it's just fiction!"

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