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One minute it's all just the facts and the next it's only fiction. The foppery of Brown is becoming clearer to more people all the time. However, my concern remains that people believe what they want to believe, as evidenced by Brown and especially as evidenced by his credible extreme feminist sources and their useage of their sources and I think as we shall see evidenced by the public who are willing taken in by little Ronnie's film. Audiences will, by then, know as much as they want to know about the trial and the actual facts but it will have little bearing on the impact of the film in their minds. They will believe what they want to believe, do what seems right in their own eyes, that is to say, the truth will only set free those who open their heart and mind and spirit to it. My concern is that this number will be small.

This in no way means we should relax our own effort to be informed and to inform others because it remains true that we save a soul and even one soul spared from eternity without Christ is worth whatever effort we expend. It's just that, all in all, the film will be a hit with the masses and we will continue to see a ripple effect in our culture for years to come.

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