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Steve T.

My suggestion is not to see the movie, but to read a library copy or buy a used copy - so as not to support it any further - and then to use books like yours and D. Bock's to prepare for conversation with those who actually buy into the material in Brown's book.

Keep up the good work.


Paul H

I would guess that #2 was the Greek Orthodox priest. I would say that #3 was the United Methodist or the Episcopalian -- hopefully not the Catholic priest.

Paul H

I just clicked on the story. It looks like my guesses were pretty much on the mark.


I pretty much guessed that # 1 and #3 were the Protestant churches, #2 was Greek Orthodox, and the last was the Catholic. I was pretty much right.


I personally like Barbara Nicolosi's "othercott" idea-- everybody go see Over the Hedge when it opens the same weekend as DVC.

Christine (Rambling GOP Soccer Mom)

We read the book in August 2003, and it actually got my husband researching the Church to see what was what (after asking me what I thought of it). We both started reading more about the Faith, and this Easter, he will join our children and me in full communion with the Catholic Church. So good can and does come out of the book, provided the reader is interested in researching what is true after being told that it's largely a bunch of hooey.

Back on the original intention of the post...Unfortunately, my pastor said in a weekday homily (feast of St. Mary Magdaline) that the book was "interesting" because it "presented a different view of Jesus." (Not wrong view, not heretical view, not a proven-false view, but just "different.") I was never so happy the my children missed daily Mass for Vacation Bible School as I was that day! Please pray for those who are taken in by such things as this and "The Last Temptation of Christ."

Fr. Stephanos, O.S.B.

The following blog's owner is a priest and an actual member of Opus Dei


El Perro Patron

I really can't understand why so many people are afraid of a book and a movie. Da Vinci Code has been on the best seller list for about 3 years. Its obviously sold millions of copies all around the globe. So, has anyone died as a result of the book? Has anyone been physically harmed due to the book? Has the Catholic (or any other) church seen a fall-off in attendance and/or donations in the past three years that can be attributed to the book?


Meanwhile, your government is spending millions of deficit dollars everyday fighting a war of choice that has been responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of innocent Iraqi citizens. Nearly 2500 of our own soldiers have been killed and nearly 20,000 wounded, many seriously and permanently. You will be paying for their medical care for the rest of their lives. You will be dealing with the repercussions of America's foreign policy for generations. Thousands of your fellow citizens are still homeless due to Katrina. Many corpses haven't even been located around New Orleans nearly seven months later. The rate of poverty and homelessness among American Children is on the rise.

What are you doing about that? Where is your righteous indignation about that?

No, you're in here whining about a book of fiction.

Jesus would be so proud.

Carl Olson

*No, you're in here whining about a book of fiction.*

Great point, EPP. I could be here whining and complaning about people defending and explaining what they believe. But (whew!) you've already got that covered for us. Thanks for that!

Christina C

YES, i would still go to see the dvd. Just because its fiction dose not mean its not a good plot or story. Maybe some parts are true we just have not uncoverd them and who is to know if the lord Jesus Christ had a child or not thats why we have people who study the findings and history. So yes i would still go see the dvd, even though its fake.

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