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God bless you!

So glad to have found you while logging in to my own Typepad account to make a post. Now that I am here let me share with you the 3 styles of sidebar buttons I made to help promote thedavincioutreach.

I am also sharing my bandwidth for the cause so people can just go get and copy and paste the button code into their blog.

I'll be linking your blog straight away and following it with interest via RSS.

visual artist / Catholic convert / former Protestant minister of 22 years.


P.S. I do understand that the buttons I made lead not to your companion site for thedavincihoax but to another site that shares your passion for truth in regard to the same cause. :) Hope it all helps.


I feel silly making the a hat-trick of comments but I wanted to let you know that I made and added a button that links directly to this blog.

And I promise, no more comments today :)

Paul H

Hey Carl,

You're probably already planning to do this, but I would recommend that you add links to this blog both at and at, in order to increase visibility of this new blog. I'm looking forward to reading more, and I'll probably be referring some of my friends and family to this blog as the release date of the movie gets closer.

Carl Olson

Paul: Will be doing all sorts of linking in the next day or two. Thanks!


And please, take and use those buttons. :)

Carl Olson

Yes, thank you, Owen, for creating those! I appreciate it.


I have forwarded to this blog from the following domain:

so .com is the book site, .net will be your blog site!

Phil P

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