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Sverre Helgesen

I've read all the books and just bought the special edition DVD. Brown wrote a good book, his sales prove that, and the film was actually very good, though the ending was a bit flat. Who's interested in, and what is the point of revering Mary Magdelene's body, to the degree thousands of not millions have died over the years, in her name? There has to be more to it than that. But anything to bring the mystery to the public's attention is good. I've had reason to contact several people these last years and know that a Belgian called Coppins did a lot of research Brown used. More interesting was that Coppins and one of the men with him, Sarpatti, a scientist from New York over to meet with Uri Geller, were overheard talking of the Grail and two men called Dr. Stephen Ward and Tommy Cooper, both still highly revered in occult circles. "Strange things went on back then," quoted Sarpatti ('62-'63, the Profumo scandal). I knew both Ward and Cooper. I know both were part of a 2,000 year-old secret sect, the last 1,500 years called 'The Twelve Knights of Camelot.' I sat listening to Ward talk with Lord Lichfield, Pat Anson, the photographer, who admitted to his family being the custodians of The Grail. He was to be initiated when his father died but he had said he wasn't interested in carrying on the job, hence his taking up photography, he reckoned on being disowned. The Grail had been kept on their estate but had been moved in the 17th century. He knew not where and wasn't interested. The Grail is apparently a black glass ball the size of a cannonball and is very heavy, maybe 30kgs. It 'sparkles' and sometimes seems translucant. There are actually 3 of them, nicknamed The Father (the Grail we know of) The Son, and The Holy Ghost. Yes, we've read of them in the Bible. Why 3 I don't know, and nobody seemed to know anything about the other two, but I think the Dali Lama has one and the other was kept by Mahatma Gandhi's family and was kept on Ascention Island (he was actually born and raised in Africa). My info seems to indicate that during the war the German's sent a U-boat manned by German-American 'werewolves' and stole it, but the sub was sunk offshore in deep water. Howard Hughes once built a boat that could lift minerals from the sea-bed, we now 'know' it tried to raise a Soviet sub off the USA coast, and I suspect this was a trail-run to raise the U-boat. Did they ever do it? Interesting story anyway. By the way, the Grail 'wakes up' at each spring equinox and listens for it's call sign. Ward's group managed to get a weak signal from it in '59. They were weak too, there were only 12 people in the world at the time who were psychic, and most not too highly, not even Ward and Cooper. The Grand Master of the Knights was Sir Bertrand Russel, he was one of only 2 who very very deeply psychic. Anyway, they lost the signal. This was the best attempt they had had in 500 years. I know this as they used me in the occult ritual, a 13 year-old virgin boy. They used thirteen 13 year-old girls too, all daughters of the group. The Grail was thought to be encased in thick granite, a form of kryptonite to the Grail, dulling it's power, and they were certain it must be in central London somewhere, only a mile or two away. What does the Grail do? My impression was that if you had it and could use it (operates only via mind control) you are in principle...God. The evil people who have it can't use it, thank god.
Maybe one day we'll find out if this is all waffle or the truth. I'll be in central London next year, trying to communicate, but I'm not the slightest psychic! I think I know exactly where it is. Can't get to it though.
'Another madman'.

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