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" The plaintiffs book was meticulously researched using a combination of empirical techniques and use of a psychic medium."

Well, now you know why your book isn't outselling Dan Brown's--you failed to consult a psychic.

I knew that was going to happen....

Clarissa Westenburger

La-la-la-la on and on. The original source behind Brown's witless high-school plagiarism is nothing but another witless source, HBHG. Had Brown actually researched the original source within the Gospels about the "beloved disciple", all his scheming to make a clever book out of a knockoff of another lazy unresearched book may have been trashed. For instance, look carefully at the story of Jesus's disciples entering a fishing boat with Jesus at night, the "beloved disciple" is also in the boat when Peter dives into the water to see Jesus on shore cooking a fish. Gee, it doesn't take historians to confirm that women did not enter fishing boats with men who were stripped naked, not even to socialize. The "beloved disciple" was John, not Mary Magdalene in the boat. Get any version of the Bible and look it up. Duh. No wonder the Duh-Vinci Code has so many followers. "My people perish for lack of knowledge."

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