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Cristina A. Montes

I really love the phrases in the article. "Inhalable novel"...sounds like glue-sniffing to me. "Cultural history lite"...give me the Asterix comic books anytime; they're light hearted and you get snippets of real cultural history from them. "Absolute catnip to readers"...I don't know if I'll be flattered if a novel I rave about is compared to something cats like.

George Angel

The DaVinci Code is blant propaganda aimed at attacking the Divinity of Jesus Christ and the Holy Family. It is pure fiction and a figmant of Dan Brown's rather selective imagination, that is trying so desparately to be sold as fact. From the several reviews that I have read thus far, Hollywood just does not seem to like anything that depicts the life of Jesus Christ that is factual like "The Passion of THE Christ," directed by Mel Gibson. It quite frankly would be called blasphemy if this movie was made and portrayed about any other politically correct faith. Hopefully, the movie will be a dissmal failure, as indeed, it should be. This would serve to be poetic justice in this smear campaign against Jesus Christ and the Holy Family!


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