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Thursday, February 20, 2014



Thank you for your comments Dorothy, Maria alas has a tendency to be a snob - Jonathan tells her off about it at one point - though I reckon she will grow out of it ;-) I don't recall her being anti-Polish though?? I realise that there are some harsh criticisms of the English in the book, notably the ones you mention, but I wouldn't want anyone to think that I am anti-English as I owe England so much. Matthew and some of the other characters in many ways represent everything I most love about England and the English (as well as a few things that drive me up the wall) though, having been to both a British boarding school and Cambridge, I do think that snobbery (and with it a refusal to empathise with the 'wrong' type of people) remains a problem. I don't want to generalise because I know that not everyone is like that and I will not deny having got caught up in that mindset myself in the past (Maria's lapses are something of a mea culpa!) but it is a middle class English Catholic vice I have come up against a little too often and I think it is very spiritually dangerous. In the end snobbery is a form of pride but I very rarely hear it challenged. Loved your book, by the way, I thought of it when reading about the recent Antifa protests in Dresden. V scary.

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