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Thursday, December 26, 2013


Pat McGroin

Catholics are disappearing because the Church has lost its identity. Cowardly, feckless bishops do not correct or discipline rogue priests. The Church has morphed into a "social issue" organization. STOP TALKING ABOUT GLOBAL WARMING AND IMMIGRATION POLICY FROM THE PULPIT ON SUNDAYS! Your job is to help save souls and get people to Heaven. Stop the liberal garbage and get back to basics. Stop worrying about being criticized or being "unpopular" and start your Doing your Divine duty!


More traditional orders are growing, hmmm, I wonder why?! Could it be that the horrible job of teaching the faith since VII is a part of the overall decline, you bet. Most "Catholics" don't even know why they are Catholic so why not leave. Young and old alike want the truth and there is only one Truth! Bishops, clergy and lay...stand up! Proclaim the Gospel and save souls. That's your duty and the people will respond...and come back! The Church exists to save souls...not promote secular agenda's... Heaven and Hell are real and eternity is set they day you die... Have you heard a parish priest address this in the last 20 or 30 years? If your parish has, it is probably growing. Sadly, most don't. We are the Church that Christ founded...let's start acting like it!

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