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Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Raymond N Dombkiewicz

If only the Jesuits of today were Defenders of the Faith!

When I read the excerpt I was saddened to think that there are very few Jesuits in present times that walk in the shoes of their Founder. I say this only because of the many pro-abort and pro-active gay Jesuits who routinely speechify on the Internet and the rest remain silent. I do not buy into the argument that anti-Catholic teaching should be accepted or ignored in the ranks, especially if the issues at hand are considered immutable tenants (reasoned inspired applications of Christ's Words) of the Faith.

Cardinal Joseph Mindszenty is a big favorite of mine, but how many today know of his sacrifices and courage? Maybe "The Prisoner" (and JM's biography)should be studied in Jesuit priestly formation so that the term "backbone" is clearly understood.

J. Bob

I wonder what St. Ignatius would think of the educational atmosphere of Georgetown, or Fordham?

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