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Wednesday, June 26, 2013



And it is deeply depressing that in each decision a Catholic justice was the swing vote."

If the state of catechesis in Catholic Schools in the USA is anything like that in Australia it would be no surprise that a Catholic would vote against anything remotely resembling Catholic teaching. I very much fear that this state of affairs can't be turned around because no one seems to have the power to compel schools and universities to employ Faithful Catholics to pass on the Faith to a generation whose parents were also presented with ersatz Catholicism.


Cardinal Ratzinger said it all perfectly over a decade ago, truthspeak, not hatespeak...

Greg Colley

With all due respect to Fr Fessio, if there is an intellectual decline, it is with his arguments. Firstly, the idea of an unelected, life tenure judiciary has some serious intellectual and historical horsepower behind it. To attack this judicial result on those grounds is simply petulant -- bemoaning the failure to achieve by unconstitutional legislative means what ought to have been achieved through evangelism and the conversion of hearts. Secondly, this critique is rife with straw men: no reasonable person is trying to compare man-to-man copulation with male-female marital union. I will, however, compare same-sex marital commitment with mixed-sex marital commitment. The intellectual basis is this: commitment is the essence of marriage, not gender. Gender is simply the accident, the particularity of the commitment of two souls. Finally, none of the rulings addressed the merits of the constitutionality of state sanctioning of same-sex marriage. The Catholic judges upheld the need for the treatment of all persons with equal dignity under the law -- a foundational principle in our pluralistic society, and one not alien to Catholic social teaching. Intellectual decline? I acknowledge it is present. I think we have an example in Fr Fessio's approach to these rulings. What is wicked and perverse is that the real threat to marriage -- divorce -- is not once mentioned in the rush to denounce a tiny minority of people whose only yearning is that their desire to live in committed relationship be respected. Fr Fessio, there is a deep pastoral need in our culture, and it is not served by building a wall around the definition of "proper" love. Do you want to change the moral landscape? Don't try to legislate it; pursue your pastoral vocation and guide hearts to commitment.

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