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Friday, May 03, 2013



In simplified form, we may say that in Christian teaching it is always wrong to kill another human being with the exception of defense of the defenseless. From there we get the teachings on just war and capital punishment.

If, however, we are to examine why it is wrong to kill anyone, and are to go beyond the simple commandment, we are able to understand as Christians that God places his value on us. That is to say that we are each intrinsically valuable to God, specifically as human beings, simply because we are his creation. This is one aspect of being created in the image of God.

Thus, the intrinsic value of every human life is God's idea. Anyone who espouses human rights, whether they realize it or not, derives the entire concept from God's declaration. This is why it is an intellectual contradiction to pretend to support human rights and also support abortion.

And, this is also one fundamental way that we can determine whether a religion, philosophy, etc. is at the very core level even obliquely based on truth from God. We like sometimes to say that the Catholic faith is the fullness of truth and other religions have partial truth.

If, however, any religion or philosophy (such as aggressive atheism) does not recognize this intrinsic value of all human life at best it is severe perversion of the truth from the outset, if not out and out evil.

The atheist believes that we are collection of minerals, proteins, etc. animated by electrical impulses. From that belief there is no human rights, no intrinsic value of all human beings. Ask Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, et. al.

Those in the past who called themselves Christian and tried to justify slavery argued that some human beings were not really human beings in the fullest sense, so they could treat them as less than human.
It seems that this mentality, rife in the eugenics movement of the early 20th century (see Margaret Sanger), was also intrinsic to Hitler's Nazi philosophy. Abortionists have done the same for years, convincing many that the unborn is less than human life. All of this a way to get around the fundamental God given principle of the intrinsic value of every human being.

So, when we come to Islam we find another way to segment human beings from each other, that based on their obedience to Allah (according to Islam). The issue is not really between peaceful or violent Muslims. In my opinion, conversion by the sword could never take place from the very beginning were Islam grounded in the God-given intrinsic value of every human life.

The very fact that Islam can be interpreted either way is proof positive that it cannot be anything better than a severe perversion of any truth given from God, just by the fact that this absolute core of God's revelation is missing.

God forbids murder for the simple reason that every human being is valuable to him, regardless of what we think of them. They may be a lot of things, including hateful to God, but God does not give us the right to kill them for that. If he did, we would all dead long ago.

We are generous in our attempt to understand Islam and even the Catechism gives some credit for religious devotion even going so far as to speculate that they worship the same one God. I find that hard to accept given that they are missing the one central fact of the relationship of God to humanity.

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