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Thursday, March 28, 2013


Laura P

Thank you for this post, Carl. A good meditation. I had thought about the physical violence vs. the total separation from God aspect, but had never thought about the shame and total separation from human love. It is easy to forget about the shame aspect, since we are used to depictions of the Crucifixion with loincloths. I had also never thought of the tearing of the temple curtain as God leaving the sanctuary because of the murder of Jesus. I had always thought of it as Jesus winning for us access to God. I suppose the Catholic both/and applies here. I thought the interpretation of the centurion's comment as sarcastic was interesting, too.

I wonder if the reason we focus so much on the physical violence of the crucifixion is that 1. we don't see crucifixions anymore and don't realize all that they entail, 2. we are so used to cinematic violence that unless we are confronted with very gruesome details it doesn't move us. 3. we forget about the shame aspect because there is no equivalent in our culture (unless it is to be branded "intolerant" ;) ).

Lots of food for thought!

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