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Friday, January 25, 2013


Ed Peters

I had the same conversation in the early 1980s in a dorm cafeteria. I had the whole table going on evidence of the humanity of the unborn child. Then, one guy looks me in the eye and and says "Of course it's a human being, any idiot can see that. So what?"

Laura P

I've had the same conversation. "Of course it's a human being. It's not a blackbird! But so what?" It's absolutely chilling how blinded people can be to what is right, and where such distinctions in human rights lead.

I was blessed to be among the half-million or so at the March for Life on Friday. It was awe-inspiring to see the huge numbers of people, especially young people, who GET IT.


I hope this trend continues. When the next generation of children gets to the Rhetoric stage of their education and discovers that their elders think that the decision to kill a helpless human being is a matter of personal choice, there will be a social revolution.

Gary S

Given her principles, what would stop the author from exercising her superior autonomy by killing her "kid who just went off to college"? And why the chronological-ism? Given her principles, why would her kid be wrong in killing her, if he/she felt that mom was an unwanted restriction on his/her autonomy? "They say we carry things too far when we carry them home to themselves." -Card. Newman

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