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Thursday, December 13, 2012



I have to admit, that while it is true that the United States has gotten itlesf into a lot of crap because of its support for Israel, its still unfair to blame Israel for the actions of those groups of people that have decided to get vengeance on the United States due to Israeli actions. In the end, those groups are fully responsible for the actions they committed, even if they cited Israel as one of their primary motivators. This doesn't mean that we should not end our special relationship with Israel or act punitively against it (in a non violent fashion I must add, I don't think violence is necessary). Israel is highly detrimental to American foreign policy in the Middle East, highly detrimental to Americas perceived moral values, and as a developed country Israel does not need our tax dollars especially when we are reeling from an economic crisis. And while it may be true that 9/11 and other incidents would have never happened had it not been for American support for Israel, in the end there is no way to know for sure. I think the reasons stated in my 2nd paragraph alone are reason enough to end the special relationship without delving into the what if category of events.

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