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Friday, October 26, 2012



And I thought my generation had already drowned a while ago. For simple minds like myself Cardinal Pie makes it simple:

Cardinal Pie (1815-1880)

The wise man of Idumea said: “The life of man on earth is a combat” (Job 7:1), and this truth is no less applicable to societies than to individuals. Being composed of two essentially distinct substances, every son of Adam carries within him, like Isaac’s wife, two men who contradict and fight one another (Genesis 25:22). These two men, or, if you prefer, these two natures have contrary tendencies and inclinations. Drawn by the law of the senses, the earthly man is in a perpetual uprising against the heavenly man, who is ruled by the law of the spirit (Galatians 5:17). This is a deep-seated antagonism, which could end here below only by the shameful defection of the spirit, surrendering its arms to the flesh and placing itself at the latter’s discretion...Let us say it, therefore, my Brethren: man’s life on earth, the life of virtue, the life of duty, is the noble coalition, the holy crusade of all the faculties of our soul, supported by the aid of grace, its ally, against all the united forces of the flesh, the world and hell: Militia est vita hominis super terram.

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