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Saturday, September 08, 2012


Sandra Miesel

As you will recall, I've always doubted that Dan Brown actually ran his eyes over any Gnostic Gospel. But working from his sensationalist seconary sources, he equated (supposed) sexual experience with "being human."

Account Deleted

You are correct: The gnostic gospels are nice highfalutin rhetoric, but have little to say to the non intellectuals.

You see, to those of us who live in or who have worked in the third world villages, the true gospels ring true, even the "miracles", the corrupt officials, the fact Judas is taking his share of the till, or that corrupt officials will conspire to get rid of the guy who is threatening their share of the take or opposing their dictatorship. We see these things every day.

Jessica Sideways

Actually, both visions of Jesus are fake because the whole Jesus myth is a lie used to milk innocent people of as much money as possible.

Joseph Mapenzi Chaggama

I love newsletters from Ignatius Press. May the good God continue to bless the management and the contributors to this wonderful press. After I register what matters most, I caution what may we espouse worldview that fail our Christianity. For instance one contributed in this newsletter with words like 'third world' and 'corruption'. It is almost as pharisaic self righteousness’ that made 'holier than thou' attitude a stumbling block to receive Jesus of history. Such position made Jesus to qualify and quantify the law so that one is left to repent the sin of complacence. Many in the western world, Christians and non-Christians alike, have an attitude that bad things happen in the 'third world'. And this explains better the applicability and practicability of the gospel mission. I challenge that view as limited. Those of us who are multidiscipline know for the fact that the 'first word' is corrupt not at least from the corporate crimes and the bad foreign policies that shape the domestic policies of third world countries. I warn with a Christian Spirit that we have the mind that was in Christ Jesus as we humbly contribute to this wonderful newsletters and press to edify one another. With humbleness, Chaggama, JM

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