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Friday, August 24, 2012



I'm surprised to see a priest say something like this. The more important word is the noun, not the adjective; it denotes what the essence is, not the accident. A red apple is in substance an apple; it has the "accident" of being red. An old man is in essence a man; the fact that he is old is not a part of his essence.

Fr. Tran may be a Catholic American, but I am an American Catholic. Being American is one of many things that have shaped my personality, but I can imagine circumstances under which I would change my citizenship. There are no circumstances under which I would leave the Church.

Gail Finke

A lot of my high school friends were Reform Jews, and for a while this was a big discussion at their youth group, of which I was also a member -- are you a Jewish American or and American Jew? My best friend, whose parents were from China (I swear this is a true story, though it doesn't sound like one) was so upset by one of them asking her if she were a Chinese American or an American who was Chinese that her mother told her to refuse to discuss it anymore. We have quietly been splitting into "American Catholics" and "Catholic Americans." Asking ourselves this question will make many of us, like my friend, too upset to even think about it.

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