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Friday, August 17, 2012



Similar to my previous Tweet, this is an outstanding expose of the loss of focus of the Democratic Party. Kennedy, then considered pretty liberal by 1960 standards, would be a welcome respite from today's RADICAL pro-socialist, pro-choice, pro-LGBT, anti-family views of today'a Dems!
Ryan is a breath of fresh air to the GOP and to the 2012 ticket! I, for one, have notices how he has even energized Romney to get ready to fight, something heretofor lacking by this observer.
Frankly, I would love for the Democratic Party to return to some of its previous "roots", so that, once again, we might have some genuine political debate & discourse over differing (but moral) approaches to our nation's problems!
Growing up, I recall our pastor encouraging the congragation to go to the polls and vote after praying & searching your heart for what you believe to be the best solution among two moral & Christian (or Judeo/Christian) candidates.
NO MORE! Now, in 'most' cases, it's a choice between good and evil and, to me, this is a sad state of the nation!


I've always wanted to know what the main differences between Democrats and Republicans were during the 50's and 60's. I love reading but have not found a satisfactory answer. If anything the Democrats sounded pretty reasonable while the Republicans seemed more vested in Northern industrial interests. In fact many southern Democrats aligned with Republicans to prevent some of the more radical aspects of FDR's New Deal. Where would JFK fit today?

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