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Saturday, July 28, 2012



I never understood the logic of Protestants who take the Bible "lierally," yet apparently didn't take the words, "This is My Body" and "This is My Blood" literally, since they don't believe in the Real Presence.

Robert H.

John chapter 6 never cease to amaze and mystify...

Mike Simon

During a meditation, it came to me that in John 6, the first protestants are described in the sentance that says "many could no longer follow Him as this saying was too harsh". Today, it is still true.

Father Joseph LeBlanc, SJ

Unfortunately 46 percent of Catholics in the US do not believe in the Real Presence. I am not too sure if these 46percent will ever change their minds as their catechesis has been so mediocre since Vatican II that the percentage is not surprising.

I am hoping in the process of the New Evangelization and Catholics Come Home projects that we can commit to strong adult religious education -a renewal of the teachings of the Gospel and Church.

Frankly speaking, all of this will depend upon the mind set of our pastors, religious education teachers who are qualified and know the faith through the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and the laity who will open up their minds and hearts to once again receive a strong gift of faith.

At the present time, a large portion of the Church is living in pure unadulterated mediocrity. We are satisfied with the minimal; and St. Ignatius urges us on to the magis.

Prayerfully in a society that has relationships with only technological devices, we will again open our eyes, ears and hearts to the Words of Christ: This is my Body; This is my Blood.

Peter L

I have had the pleasure of working with and befriending a young Protestant man,a truly lovely and kind young man.I shared a works canteen with him for several years and came to respect and love him.Of course the subject of religion came up during our conversations,he would often ask me about Catholic doctrine,most queries were why the Church would not allow her priests to marry and why the Church would deny the dying and sick in Africa access to contraception.He also advised me i needed to be born again to see the kingdom of heaven.

When i told him that Christ told the Apostles to become fishers of men and to devote themselves to God and God only by preaching the Gospel,he was able to see why the Church would and could hold this position.I told him contraception could not replace virtue and indeed can fuel lust among people,along with making it easier to commit adultery.I also told him i was born again through baptism.I know he could see the Catholic Church was right on these points.

On the subject of presence in the Eucharist,this is were i am at a brick wall with him.He tells me "But Christ only said to do this in memory of me."I do tell him Christ also said " This is my Body; This is my Blood " but to no avail.I cannot move him any further.

One thing i am certain of in our ten year friendship is this,he has moved closer to Catholicism than i have moved to protestantism.It takes a lot of courage to leave a faith we are born into,even if we are swayed the other way.

Charles E Flynn

Why does God seem so needy?, by Reverend Know-It-All.

John Siple

Such words are indeed hard to endure, yet the twelve could not leave Jesus, because they knew him to be the One, the Son of Man, the Promised one.
Eucharist is a tease to Protestants who would like to participate, but must accept Catholicism to take part. This is too much.
Only Catholic teaching founded in Scripture, over & over can call the lost sheep back to the Root.


Peter L, you might challenge your friend in this way: if Christ meant that "Do this in memeory of me" was to be only a symbolic commemoration, by eating mere bread and drinking mere wine, why would his followers find it such a hard teaching and leave him? Of course he meant it literally; that is what was so shocking and sent them scurrying away. Verse 52 proves that the Jews understood His meaning:

52 Then the Jews started arguing among themselves, 'How can this man give us his flesh to eat?'

And He did not correct them, but went on to the more explicit words, instructing that they must "eat the flesh of the Son of man and drink his blood . . .". How much more explicit a description does your friend need? Or perhaps, he needs a better translation. Ask to see his Bible. The translation he is reading may be inaccurate.

Rob Elliott

Do I detect prejudice in some of the above? Protestants don't believe in the Real Presence!! Which is more sincere to not believe or belong to a Church whose doctrine says you should and then don't (46% of Catholics). In my experience (as an ex-Anglican) this is a major issue of division at a time when we need more than ever to be united.

James Henning

Hi PeterL
Also ask your friend to read and discuss verses 67 to 70 in Chap. 6 of John's Gospel.
God is good - All the time.


In UK many Protestants believe in the Real Presence of the Blessed Sacrament
- is this not also the case in the USA?

Laura P

Thanks for this post, Carl. As a convert myself, I am fascinated and, indeed, in love with the Eucharist. As a Protestant, I never paid much attention to John 6. But after I understood the truth of the Real Presence, the literal truth of John 6 was so clear to me. It is now my favorite passage of Scripture. I pray that our Protestant brothers and sisters will also come to understand the truth, and that their eyes and minds and hearts will be opened to what John 6 really says. It is indeed a "hard saying", especially for those who lack the courage to dig for the truth and follow up on it, no matter the cost. And for some, the cost may be high.

Peter L

Hi Honor and thank you for this very convincing and easy to understand view of presence in the Eucharist.Reading this makes it very hard to refute or near impossible not to believe Christ was indeed meaning to take his teaching literally.I shall ease this into one of my conversations with my friend very soon and will be very interested to hear his response.I keep learning.

One thing i have to add is,both me and my friend live in Northern Ireland and i am sure i don't have to elaborate the difficulties people would face embracing a different faith.It is possible to lose a family,friends and even an entire community by changing faith where i live.It is not as bad as it used to be but the Catholic and Protestant divide is still a reality for some.This,sometimes more than faith,can be the biggest challenge to finding our spiritual home.

Again,thank you.


I do not think that most protestants understand how shocking Jesus statement was/is In the OT the Jewish people are warned about drinking the blood, It was forbidden by God, For in the blood, is the life. This man Jesus asked them to sin against all their fathers by drinking blood, they must have thought he was the devil and left him in haste. The studies of the Eucharist is that it is true, hosts have become heart muscle and blood, active after 700 years. In God is truth and the truth is the truth if no one believes it, and a lie is a lie if everyone believes it.
So if Jesus can freely put his life down and pick up again, can he make the host into his flesh and blood?, The church fathers and Paul state that the Eucharist is the blood and body of Christ a hard saying it is. Jesus can do the resurrection but the host he can not do because because because?.


Such words are indeed hard to endure, yet the twelve could not leave Jesus, because they knew him to be the One, the Son of Man, the Promised one. -John Siple

With respect to more than the doctrine of the Real Presence this was true for me coming into the Church. I suspect it is the case with many converts; that in the final step they have much that is taken on faith because it hasn't all been worked out, yet they know they must follow Christ.

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