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Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Laura P

A feminist obfuscate? Confuse the issues? No, really? I never would have thought it...

Charles E Flynn

Father Z has commented on Carl's posting:

Analysis of NPR’s interview of LCWR Pres. Sr. Pat Farrell: like a 7-year old’s manipulative obfuscation.

Magister Christianus

In other words, let's sit down and talk about having further dialogue that will point us in the direction of additional conversations, which in turn will open up new vistas of vague and non-distinct paths ushering in an even more rewarding round of discussions, etc., etc.

This is perfect. Love the comparison with a child's reasoning. Very well said.


Thanks Dee! I appreciate your suporpt greatly! I ran out of time but also wanted to demonstrate how Christians will also have to undergo the tribulations by looking at Matthew 24:21-22 & Matthew 13:37-43. The other point I wanted to make was regarding when the end will come. Too many are wrapped up in knowing when it will come it will come when each of us dies! If we are living in a state of grace then we are prepared for death NOW, and by default for the end of time and judgement! ARE WE READY? That's the question? How do we get ready? The answer is simple the Sacraments direct encounters with Christ and the Grace of God! What a gift God has given to us in His Church! Let's prepare today for eternity and live as though Christ's return is immanent, because it is! Christ is truly present in the Eucharist, here and now. Let's go to confession and receive the hidden manna from Heaven (Rev. 2:17), in the Eucharist, that, as Jesus said in John 6:54, he who eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life, and I will raise him up at the last day. Looking forward to that last day! May God give me the strength, determination, fortitude and desire to run the race and work out my salvation in fear and trembling! (1 Cor. 9 & Philippians 2).

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