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Tuesday, July 10, 2012



The Pope offers a further explanation in Light of the World: “the prevailing mentality was that the Church must not be a Church of laws but, rather, a Church of love; she must not punish. Thus the awareness that punishment can be an act of love ceased to exist. This led to an odd darkening of the mind, even in very good people.”

I would add that this is an odd effect as well of the philosophy of secular humanism and the rejection of the Christian claim of fallen human nature. The snobbery of the "Enlightenment" rejects the idea that anything regarding human behavior from the Medeival period could have value in modern society, particularly anything like laws, rules, regulations, punishments, etc.

The philosophy that sees mankind rising to goodness and benevolence by his own bootstraps (a sort of Pelagianism?) has infected many in the Church it seems so that her leaders could not see sin for what it was and could turn to psychology for the practical answers that had already been given in Canon Law based the hard lessons learned in past experience.

Mark W

As the old saying goes,

"Ya buy em books, and ya buy em books, and all they do is eat the covers."

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