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Friday, June 08, 2012


Charles E Flynn

Political Withdrawal, Reconsidered, by Joseph Wood. The photo of Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II may remind you of how badly the USA has deteriorated, a problem that may be at least partially addressable in the forthcoming election.


Sheri there are many reasons for a prcitiacng, faithful Catholic to not want to vote for Rick Santorum. His position on war, immigration, and torture, for example, are not in keeping with the Catholic faith. Prior to the administrations attack on religious freedom, I was going to write on my ballot none of the above . Now I will have to hold my nose and voter for the not Obama candidate. As for the rest of your comment what can I say? You have bought in to the lie that the ability to have sex without consequences is a right. The bishops have every right to speak out. The have been given the authority and the duty from Jesus Christ to proclaim the Truth. Oh and Truth is revealed by God and not by opinion polls.Please follow the link in the post. Perhaps if you actually read what the bogus arguments are, you will realize that you have been sold a bill of goods. I am not naive. The so called freedom to treat sex as mere entertainment has had devastating effects on our society especially woman.

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