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Monday, June 18, 2012



"Mormons assert that because they believe Jesus is divine, they are Christians by default."

Which is why they should all be extended tickets to the Ecumenical Ball, right? Except they also assert that no other Chrsitian communions' baptisms are remotely valid, to the point that they perform baptisms for all dead non-Mormons they can manage to find the names and time for in their temples worldwide. Come on. Where there is smoke there is probably fire.

Mormons I know are wonderful, "Christian" people. But it was Joseph Smith, after all, who claimed that the Father and the Son appeared to him and told him all existing Christian creeds were abominations. Christianity as it then existed was a religion he claimed so lost that it needed restoring, and missionaries even today refer to pre-Mormon Christianity as the product of "The Great Apostasy." So to pretend unsolicited persecution is a colorful but disingenuous bit of victimhood. You can't pick a fight and then act surprised when decked. I guess this guy doesn't mind *not* calling himself a Christian, as a neat little ploy protesting creedal exactitudes and unloving attitudes. But the Trinitarian issue is only the tip of the iceberg, balanced atop a widely-debunked history, three entire new books of scripture, polygamy, outrageous claims of a Garden of Eden in Missouri, and a rather explicit endorsement of polytheism and a "Heavenly Mother." All mixed with a separatist mindset and culture that Mormons as a group are rather infamous for practicing.

Elsewhere, Richard Mouw would have us hope Mormons may pull a Armstrongian-Church of God right turn towards orthodoxy, and that would be a wonderful thing. But with voices like Mason's chiming in, you realize that while the LDS are brothers-in-arms in moral cobelligerancy, as an official entity, their Church's furtherance of *Christian* faith is hampered by extensive festooning of superfluous doctrines. Where they are successful in fostering real Christian faith, they are largely reliant on the more accurate ideas on doctrine maintained and conveyed by more historic bodies. Otherwise they push self-reliance and glorification of human families, not ideas of sin and redemption. All IMHO.

Chris Burgwald

"The Son is "one in being with the Father","

Dude, that's soooooo 2011. ;-)

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