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Sunday, May 06, 2012


Charles E Flynn

Apparently, Sister Bridget McDonald believes that the Pope's power was intended to be strictly ornamental.

fr. richard

I'm sure that people may suspect this poor 80 year old Sister is suffering from mental decline as result of her advanced age, and perhaps it is so. But her words echo similar thoughts of many other religious women in the press these days, and some of them are only in their 60's. It's such a shame, and I appreciate this article.

In my parish we have two Sisters, both in their 80's, and, unlike Sr. Brigid, they both find it possible to follow Christ AND they ALSO worship Him, Son of God, Lord and Savior. They do this here at Liturgy and services in our parish, and they do it at home and when they are out among the world every single day. They are "out there" in the world, but they would NEVER advocate for "abortion rights" as Sr. Brigid does. She seems to think this is a mark of her acceptance by the world, and apparently her role models are social workers.

I applaud, admire and am inspired by our Sisters here. Their role model is Jesus Christ, and the many saints who carried Him in their lives and their hearts.

So sad for you, Sr. Brigid that you have come so low. If you want to find out what makes our Sisters lives worth living, I'll be glad to put you in touch with them and I'm sure they can inspire you and bring you back to the vocation you must have once surely felt... and I will pray for you tomorrow.

David K. Monroe

Carl, I especially liked the comment where the person instructed you to NOT respond to her comment. Of course she didn't want your response, she just wanted you to take your spanking like a good boy. Bad bishops tell the LCWR to stop denying essential church teaching, but good progressive Catholics tell Carl Olson to shut up and not respond to clueless, reactionary criticism.


I imagine SIster Brigid is a fan of Sister Joan. "Sisters are doin' for themselves..." And to themselves, in this instance. It takes a theatrical drama case to get any movement out of Rome these days, so I also guess they have managed some pretty impressive heretical fireworks. Well done!


"I can't even begin to imagine what he could say or do that would change religious women's beliefs. I don't know how he plans to change that. That is of concern. That could be scary — what will he do to change our beliefs. You know, that scares me."

No need to be afraid of the Pope, sister, nor the Bishops. The extent of what they may do is disconnect the order from the Catholic Church so that any and all actions of the order are in their own name, not in the name of the Church. They may even disband the LCWR as an official Catholic organization.

It is really quite simple. The Pope will attempt to make it quite clear what the Church teaches and has always taught. If Sr. Brigid and others do not accept those teachings, there is nothing that anyone can do to force them to accept. It will be made clear that they are responsible for the destiny of their own souls but they will not be allowed to detrimentally affect the destiny of other souls in the name of the Catholic Church. That is all.

If Sr Brigid and others who think like her can in conscience leave this earth to meet Jesus Christ teaching their brand of heresy, there is nothing anyone can do for them personally other than pray for a reconciliation before they die. But they cannot be allowed to pretend that their teaching is Catholic. If they have the courage of their convictions, they will follow wherever that leads.

The concern that is in the back of Sr Brigid's mind and others like her is understandably the money. How are they to live without the Church? Personally, I doubt the Church is going to throw aging nuns out into the street, despite their heresy. I think she is worried that if she doesn't conform, that is what will happen.

Perhaps the fairest resolution is a proximate vow of silence in exchange for support during their waning years. In other words, no more propagation of heretical radical feminist ideology, whether or not they believe it, a graceful and quiet retirement and they can live until their death in whatever manner they have been accustomed to.

At that point, the decision would be theirs. Without requiring the impossible, a forced belief, they would have the choice to pursue public heresy and be cut off, or live in peace and public silence.

A fair choice I would think. We will see what action the Church takes.


Only one question for this 80yr old sister: "What will you say to your Bridegroom?:"

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