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Wednesday, April 25, 2012



While I would agree with the entire article, there are so many things that pop immediately to mind. Perhaps the most obvious is the question, "How did it ever get to this point?"
No matter what your perspective on the question, the answer is pertinent to what must be done today.
If the question is political, from the point of view of the U.S. Constitution, how then did any administration ever get this close to such an aggregious violation? How is that even possible? Didn't those people, Catholics included, who ordinarily support that particular political persuasion not see this coming, or something like it as an inevitability? Does not leftist/socialist/liberal/progressive/statist/collectivist (call it whatever you will) application in government always and inevitably lead to coercion? World history and experience should make that plain.
If the question is moral, again, from the fifties and into the sixties, when the so-called "sexual revolution" was out in the open, was this not a foregone conclusion that promiscuity itself would make demands of the entire society. Roe V Wade in the seventies was simply a marker along that path, establishing the principle that promiscuity should have no consequences that medical science could not deal with.
OK, so yes, hindsight is 20-20. Let's move on. But the problem is that while the article is correct, that Natural Law opposes contraception, abortion, etc., that consciousness is extremely far removed from not only the secularists, but from vast portions of Christians, non-Catholic and Catholic alike. That is a heavy case to be made, with vast areas of lost ground to recover.
Society is essentially suffering from dissociative identity disorder; the worship of science on the one hand, traditionally characterized as the epitome of applied reason, is co-existent with complete abandon to the physical appetites on the other, accompanied by the complete and utter hostility to rational thought. This condition has produced the result that science, in particular medical science, is demanded as a right insofar as it has any method or means to promote or facilitate that abandon to the senses.
The result is a collection of self-centred individuals who can make neither commitment or sacrifice, yet are willing to empower a government to force that sacrifice on anyone and everyone else around them.
How does reason break through that fog, even before we talk about faith?

Mrs. O

There are a group of issues, HHS mandate being one of them, which has been taken under the fight for Religious Liberty by the Bishops. Another issue is marriage - specifically same sex "marriage". Although I see the point, should we be united with the Bishops in this fight under that banner? It seems in this area, they have been doing a great job. Is this where this Religious liberty issue is stemming from - how the bishops are categorizing it?

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