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Tuesday, April 10, 2012


fr. richard

Carl, you wrote:

"I'm a big admirer of Cardinal Dolan, but I'm not fully taken with that answer. The big problem is it simply doesn't do justice to what Kennedy actually said."

I definitely agree with you. Now, here we are with a great deal more knowledge about the actual Catholic practice of President Kennedy than we, the general Catholic public, or even the general public, had in the early 1960's about this man. I'm very sad that Cardinal Dolan waffled on this issue and, in my opinion, took a very weak position here. I cannot speak for the motives of Cardinal Dolan in his comments here, but it does seem to me another episode of what so many of our American bishops desire: we just don't want to tarnish the image of any Kennedy, and please don't think we take too strong a stand on any issue. Really! Please love us!

On CBS Cardinal Dolan said:

"Simply give a much more dramatically wide latitude to that religious exemption and protection of conscience and religious freedom, and you’re not gonna hear from us any more."

Sorry, but this doesn't fill me with great hope for the strength of our bishops on this issue. It sounds like pleading from a position of presumed weakness.


I'm with you, Carl and fr. richard.

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