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Sunday, March 18, 2012


Dan Deeny

Thank you for this info. The book must be very interesting. I've copied this and given it to several people where I work. A young Catholic man thought it was interesting and he would like to read the book. Two women, one in her sixties and one in her late thirties, hgave read it and were rather negative. They seem to acknowledge the problems but question whether the pill is the whole cause.
I would be interested to know if this book has an effect on those who support artificial contraception and the pro-choice option. My guess is that it will have no effect.
Perhaps someone on the anti-artificial contraception and pro-life side can think of other ways to reach the other side. I try to say that artificial contraception, among other problems, decreases sensuality, pleasure, and creation. The pro birth control people seem to me to be working against themselves. As for the pro-choice side, it seems to me a clever trick. Lucifer knows that women like life and choice: he also knows that he is against both life and choice. But he has decided to use choice to achieve the greater evil of opposing life. Formulating all of this so that people will accept it in casual discussions is a problem!
Any ideas?

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