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Saturday, March 17, 2012


Rosie Davis

"Living the Truth" is one scary place to go. One needs to be a risk taker, a dare devil, etc.,
Considering how fragile life is even today & how hard one has to toil to attain, it may seem more prudent to "toe the party line" than to render ones self vulnerable & lose a secure footing.
The concept of vulnerability expresses the multidimensionality of disaster, the extent to which change could harm, to which one can be affected by the impact of hazard.
Risk management is the identification, assessment, & prioritization of risk, weather positive or negative, followed by coordinated application of resources to minimize, monitor, & control the probability of the impact of unfortunate events.
Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.
Nothing ventured nothing gained.
It's still a very scary place.

Rosie Davis

Society has not only a suppressing function - although it has that too - but it has also a creative function. Man's nature, his passions, & anxieties are a cultural product ; as a matter of fact, man himself is the most important creation & achievement of the continuous human effort, the record of which we call history. It is the very task of social psychology to understand this process of man's creation in history.
The merry go round is not an easy place to jump off of. We only have one life, to get half way through & have the sanity/insanity to say that it has all been for nothing, is hard. We are caught in a spiders web & held fast.


Thanks for this beautiful reflection, Carl.
There's always a ton of marvelousness in John.

Carl E. Olson

You're welcome; thank you!

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