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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Theodore Seeber

The reason the finer point is lost on many of the Faithful in America today, is because most American Catholics have yet, after 20 years, to have any teaching from the pulpit at all on Evangelium Vitae. 56% of American Catholic Women lack this knowledge and say that contraception is moral, 98% of Catholic women admit to having used contraception in the last 20 years. Clearly evanagelization of "The Gospel of Life" has failed utterly.

Kevin Baxter

It is unfortunate that so many within our Church, including some of our bishops, have given support to the current administration's socialist programs, and are only now acting surprised at the ramifications that should have been obvious. It requires willfull and obstinant ignorance that ignores Mr. Obama's radical position on abortion, including support for infanticide.
It is also unclear, from the perspective of this lay person in the pews, if any of the various "catholic" politicians and bureaucrats will be rebuked for their persistent and public scandal in supporting abortion in any and all forms. I have yet to hear of the excommunication or other sanction of Mrs. Sebelious or Mr. Biden, or in Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan or Governor Quinn, all of whom have a perfect unblemmished record of supporting abortion, gay marriage, and the rest of the sacraments of the culture of death.
People should not be surprised that when they dance with the devil, they are going to get burned.


Yes, if one has a rotten tooth infecting the rest of the body, it needs to be removed if it is beyond repair. How about the public excommunication of Nancy Pelosi and her ilk (some names in previous comment). Obama has used those 'Catholics' to drive a wedge into the Church. Why do the respective bishops not assert the teachings of the Church? If they are seen to be 'turning a blind eye' they allow sacrilege, they further the scandal, they betray their office, they loose souls, and most of all they allow Our Lord to be offended in the public square.

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