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Monday, February 13, 2012


Laura P.

Excellent post, Carl. I don't know why I am still astonished at the obtuseness of those on the left and others who just don't "get it".


I love that word - "feminutopia." I was there once; let me tell you, I was neither fulfilled nor free.

Peter L

I really enjoyed reading this piece,excellent points made.

I couldn't of written it better myself ;-)


No. 4, that artificial contraception and abortion are considered the "foundation of health care reform" is what is really grotesque about all this. Obamacare was sold as helping the low wage worker who can't afford health insurance. Now we learn that what it really is all about is financing the mass sterilization of the populace and coercing the Catholic Church to participate in the process.


The Catholic church must oppose contraception if it’s to keep faith with its true believers, especially women who have lived by that rule for generations despite the hardship it often imposed. This is the church’s most devoted constituency — its base, so to speak.

That line there says a lot about how the left, at least in Washington and particularly the cadre around President Obama, see the Church. They think in terms of constituencies, betraying the fact, as they also do in throwing out the stats on Catholic women who have used contraception, that they consider the Church as a ground up democratic institution like most Protestant sects, where doctrine is determined by the majority. To them it is only a political force and that is re-enforced by the political pundits who talk incessantly about the "Catholic vote."

As far as their misrepresentation of the Church's actual teaching it does make one wonder if their ignorance is willful. How could they be that stupid? Twisting the issue away from the First Amendment is a political strategy, but the only way they can do that is to mock and misrepresent the Church on the issue of contraception.

Opposition to contraception in this scientific age seems medieval. If there is one thing that I find excessively irritating it this truth by calendar mentality. "...seems medieval...", and the point is what exactly?

Marielle Regnier

You as Catholics do what your religion tells you, if you think this is right, but let the others do what they want, let God be the judge of all this, believe me He is aware and in control, don't try and take His place and think you are good people, Jesus was all love you certainly are not. You are always criticizing and finding faults are you so perfect that you can do this, just surrender your power to God give Him the power of your life and see what happens.
Happy Valentine day to all of you.

Charles E Flynn

Chronological snobbery


Like everyone else, I've been focused on the religious liberty aspect of this but I am now realizing that Obamacare's requirements concerning artificial contraception are insane entirely aside from whether the requirements violate anyone's conscience. These requirements are making it national policy to provide artificial contraception to the entire populace free of charge. This is a milestone in the cultural progression of modernity's disintegrated view of sexuality. I don't believe there ever has been on the part of the federal government such a deep commitment to, and endorsement of, artificial contraception. It is tantamount to a national declaration that artificial contraception is a positive good. This is why there is so much resistance to any conscience exemption -- access obviously isn't the issue since, according to Guttmacher, 99% of women already use contraception. The felt need for the approbation of contraception aside, there is also the practical question of why we as a nation subsidizing in a massive way the sterilization of the populace. The whole thing is really mind-boggling.


Absolutely fascinating, Marielle Regnier.

Fascinating because I have heard it several times from various quarters in the course of this debate. And there is an interesting pattern to this from the left. They have consistently in the past tried to deflect or get in front of an issue by accusing their opposition of doing precisely what it is that they themselves are doing.

So in this debate the Catholic Church and other Christians are then accused of trying to deny people access to contraception. I don't know where you stand politically but how do you get from the government demanding that Catholics subsidize, pay directly for or otherwise provide services that violate their own teaching, and objecting to that on the grounds of the First Amendment; to the odd notion that Catholics are trying to stop others from doing what they want? I don't follow that at all. It is the government that is trying to force people to do what is against their own conscience.

As to the rest, yes, Jesus was and still is love. He started a Church (Matthew 16:18) some 2000 years ago and we Catholics are still around. And as you point out, we are indeed sinners. No serious Catholic will dispute that.

As to criticizing and even mocking those irrational, silly and malicious arguments, pronouncements and declarations that support evil and/or attack the Church of Jesus Christ, the Catholic Church, it all falls under St. Peter's admonition I think,(1 Peter 3:15); whereas attacking people personally does not.

But we do agree that it is essential to give Christ the power in our lives. Amen to that.

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