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Wednesday, February 22, 2012



This comes as a surprise to me. I had expected better from Wills. Previously, my chief complaint against him was his quaint but anachronistic insistence that baseball was still really the American pastime.

Francis J. Beckwith

Wills writes: "Contraception is not even a religious matter. Nowhere in Scripture or the Creed is it forbidden." But the Creed's normative status is the consequence of being delivered by the magisterium, as is the prohibition on contraception use. So, ought we now to discard the Creed as normative? But what constitutes Scripture? The magisterium issued judgments on that as well, telling us the precise scope of the canon. So, Scripture can't be our guide either, if we accept Wills' epistemic constraints.

Second, as far as I know, neither Scripture nor Creed prohibits necrophilia. So, apparently, according to Wills, sex with the dead is not a matter on which the magisterium may issue a binding judgment. But, more to the point, since nowhere in Scripture or the Creed does it say that the only doctrines that one is obligated to obey are ones found in Scripture and Creed, we can safely ignore Wills on the very grounds he suggest we should assess the morality of contraception.


Garry Wills is a media darling having published calumny against Pope Pius XII and shameful attacks on Pope John Paul.

Philip Jude

Isn't that George Will? About baseball, I mean.

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