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Thursday, February 09, 2012



"But there is another modality of secularism — sadly on display in the current administration — that is actively aggressive toward religion, precisely because it sees religion as its primary rival in the public arena."

What an amazing statement: government is aggressive toward religion and sees religion as a rival in the public arena. Let that idea roll around in your head for awhile. This is precisely why the Founding Fathers wrote a Constitution that explicitly limited the power of the national government. Have we forgotten this? Today, we are literally losing the essence of American civil society . . . seemingly becoming more European . . . and those advocating for this change are celebrating the redefinition of the very political, economic, social, and cultural essence of the United States. We the People must stop this.

Mister H

The Church has been absolutely right in its opposition to contraception.

For those who wish to learn why the Church is correct on this issue, an excellent commentary and further resource links can be found here:


I think that this showdown with the state has ramifications beyond the borders of the U.S. I was scanning comments after one of the columns, I forget which one, but the person mentioned that in Italy there was a similar move by the government, with very little push back.

If we think about the trends that we have seen over the past few years in South American Catholic countries (up until recently at least) and in African countries with a large Catholic population, this same show-down with evil is being played out in one form or another, with varying intensity and varying results.

The example of the American Bishops, priests and laity is being watched the world over and I think that a capitulation at this point would have a very depressing effect on Catholics world-wide. Some have resisted in their countries, others have been unable to withstand the onslaught, but a show-down in the United States of America of this nature not only surprises Americans but gets the attention of the entire world at the same time. A win in America for the Church, a public win, will do much to bolster the faith and spirits of all Catholics. Even a loss, without compromise, can have the same effect.

Also, this situation is a golden opportunity to inform many who might otherwise not even be curious about the Church's teaching on sexuality, human life and moral living, providing the stark contrast to the secularist morality that prevails in the public discourse. Moreover, it may remove the excuse of ignorance from the minds and hearts of many ill informed Catholics, and provide the crossroads of their life wherein they may have to make a decision to follow Christ in his Church or not. And it will further highlight the contrast between the moral stance of high profile self professed Catholics like Pelosi and Sebelius, and the actual teaching of the Church.

I find it interesting as well, that despite the statistic that supporters of the HHS keep throwing out that 98% of Catholic women have used some form of artificial birth control (a wag on Hannity this week pointed out that 79% of all statistics are made up on the spot) even those Catholics, while practically in a state of dissent yet do not believe the government should force the Church to be complicit. The fact that the far left and its media supporters keep thumping this stat seems to me to indicate in part where their political miscalculation was.

They have listened too much to the relatively small core of vocal sixties era dissenters and over estimated their support among the general population of Catholics, presuming that such a seemingly widespread violation of Church teaching on birth control would automatically translate into indifference when they attempted to force the Church into compliance. But even those Catholics know that the Church is not a democracy and that the constitution protects her.

Regardless of the outcome, one thing is certain. Catholics must do all in their power to bolster the courage of their bishops and priests to see this through without compromise. Whether he knows it or not, Obama by this move has done much to help Catholic unity, whether the Church ends up on or off the public stage.


An addendum to the political miscalculation.

We call her Holy Mother Church but that is not just a nice phrase or title. Even those who have wandered into sin and are far from a state of grace will rise to her defence when she is attacked this fundamentally by the force of governemnt.

Someone who has a long standing, sometimes loud and vocal argument with their own mother, will jump to defend her if she is attacked by someone outside the family. She is still their mother.

Perhaps Obama's thinking was clouded by the presence around him of the few who have made their own peace with selling out Holy Mother Church, but beyond those few are many, many more who while imperfect, are willing to take up a sword and cut off the ear of the servant of the high priest (figuratively speaking of course). Hopefully, they (and all of us) won't go into denial later, after the heat of the moment is past.

Gail Finke

Someone in my family recently told me that he would not read anything written by a religious person, from a religious publication or a secular one. I am not talking about a "pop" sort of publication, but publications such as First Things, filled with articles by professors, cardinals, and various eminent persons. No matter how erudite, educated, or experienced, a person coming at any subject from a religious perspective of any sort has nothing to say that he would consider listening to. He told me this with a great deal of anger. In the context of the conversation, I can only take this as "active aggressive toward religion, precisely because" it is a "rival in the public arena." There is no discussing it at all with him. How do you deal with an administration full of people who refuse to engage a large proportion of the country and, as I told my brother, the majority of people who ever lived?

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