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Friday, February 24, 2012


Nancy D.

"Mary's promise at Fatima that 'Russia will be converted' did not put any timing on the event."
Our Blessed Mother stated that the conversion of Russia will not occur until after The Pope and The Bishops in communion with him consecrate Russia to her Immaculate Heart, so the timing of the conversion is after the consecration and thus depends upon when the consecration is finally done. What is the Church's reason for not specifically consecrating Russia to Mary's Immaculate Heart?

Elizabeth D

I just learned something that I don't think is public knowledge at all. Sr Lucia visited Rome "frequently" (ie to meet with JPII, I think during the end of the Cold War era). This was told to me by a friend who was at a talk given Thursday to Catholic high schoolers and a few others by President Reagan's ambassador to the Holy See, Frank Shakespeare, who was very devoted to Fatima, met Sr Lucia on various occasions, would have had direct contemporary knowledge. The ambassador is elderly and told them this was his final talk.

Nancy D.

Without a final authority, there can be no cohesiveness of belief, which is why, in order to heal the schism in His Church, it is logical to assume Our Lady knows one should begin at the beginning. Our Lady of Fatima, hear our Prayers, so that His Church may be ONE for the sake of Christ, His Church, all who believe, and all who will come to believe in the One Word of God Who Has revealed Himself to His Church in the trinitarian relationship of Sacred Tradition, Sacred Scripture, and The Teaching of The Magisterium.

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