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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


cynthia rogacion

we will and will be together for our cause and belief..hope all catholics will pay attention on this issue. We pray to god that our prayers will be answered..this is religious freedom. If we will move what else is left?

cynthia rogacion

lets move while we have time..if this president will stay for another 4 yrs..what else is left for us? nor democrat..conservative nor liberals got nothing to do with this its all about our freedom of religion ..nobody had the right to take that away from us...nobody

Peter L

I take my hat of to Cardinal Timothy Dolan for having the courage to speak up against the militant secularism the Church faces in these trying days.I am waiting for the first test case against the Church,in which an employee sues under law that his or her right to be provided with reproductive contraception by their employers,namely the Church,is set in motion.Let us not be fooled into thinking this is about equal rights and cannot happen.

The same goes for same sex marriage.If America ever votes to allow this to happen,it will only be a matter of time until another test case involving a Gay couple,walking into a Church and asking to be married,knowing full well they will be politely refused and then suing,stating they have been discriminated against.

In short,the Church could be sued out of existence.This can and should be called an agenda.


Above all, dear brothers, we rely on the help of the Lord in this important struggle. We all need to act now by contacting our legislators in support of the Respect for Rights of Conscience Act

I hope that this call to push for legislation is not a sign that they (Cardinal Dolan at least) intend to treat this as a purely public policy matter. Phone calls and post cards and yada yada yada, same old tired public policy strategy.

What needed to be said is -- regardless of what Congress does or does not do, whenever they might get around to it, WE WILL NOT COMPLY. Period.

And maybe use this entire episode to push for a renewed catechesis (on conscience, religious liberty, and human sexuality), to awake from our slumber and begin to act the part of the Church Militant?

Charles E Flynn

We Will Not Comply and related graphics.

Lauri Friesen

I wait for the day when the majority of Catholic bishops finally understand that the work and will of God can NEVER be truly seen and done with a government body as intermediary. I am pleased to see this dawning for the USCCB, as evidenced by their recognition of this attack on a God-given right, but it is necessary, and increasinlgy urgent, that we remove, and repulse, government from all spheres of life that rightly belong to people's churches and families. Only then can we say that the threats of secularism to our human freedoms have been overcome.


Catholic's were is the fire. Roman Catholics should of been told long ago on the sins for voting for politicians who promote homosexuality and abortion. Homosexual marriage will lead to schools confirming this sin as a lifestyle. It will come to a "civil right" and if you are against it you will be fined or given jail . We have Church leaders who allow so called catholics in the media to promote sin and no formal excommunication. All we get is "they excommunicated themselves" MAKE A STATEMENT BISHOPS AND CARDINALS. We want the truth and stop watering down the One True Faith. We have Cardinals that allow "gay masses" and other abominations. Thank God for the Priests of FSSP and the Latin Mass.


Your Eminence: I don't know if you heard the speech by Nancy Pelosi yesterday at Texas A&M but I think the time has come to publicly dispute her statements. She is giving scandal to the Church and none of the Bishops seem to be coming out and calling her to task. Why? She has made outrageous statements and it is being ignored. By not rebutting you are giving the impression she is right and that you agree with her. She should be excommunicated - she is Catholic in name only. She doesn't adhere to the teachings of the Church. She is so pro abortion it is sickening. My hands are shaking while typing this because I'm so angry.

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