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Wednesday, February 15, 2012



This is an abomination.

The funny thing is, use Genetic modification to produce higher yields of potatoes or disease resistant onions and all hell breaks loose about tinkering with nature "franken foods" as they say. Danger danger danger!

But tinker with core elements of humanity itself and you can hear a pin drop.

This is an area filled with lies and deceit, and we know who the author of those are don't we.

A woman's magazine celebrates a child with with two fathers manufactured from a "donor" egg and incubated in an anonymous women's body, hired for this purpose and nothing is said, no criticism, in public anyway, the power of political correctness and money shuts down all discussion.

An abomination and it frightens me - really frightens me.

Lori Pieper

Please note that Pope John Paul I was not at all a supporter of IVF as this article makes him out to be. This story has been spread for the last 30 years on the basis of a single excerpt from his interview. The whole text can be found in English here

The text makes it very clear that he fully supported the Church's traditional teaching in this area. He even correctly predicted the rise of a "baby manufacturing industry" such as we are actually seeing today.


Is that your translation Lori? A great service to TRUTH you have done if so.

This is the fundamental issue of our age - and we must stand up to what are Blasphemies and direct confrontations to God's purpose for us.

Lori Pieper

Yes, it's my translation. It's coming out in book form soon with some of his other wrings. so keep checking the link I put up to my blog.

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