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Friday, January 06, 2012



I am hoping that the magnitude of the scandal at Penn State will break this conspiracy of silence wide open. Hopefully the media will not be able to shuffle it aside. Once those flood-gates are open there may be some balance in coverage and people will be able to reflect with some objectivity on the priest sex-abuse scandal.

If, as Dave Pierre points out, the moving around of educators in response to sex abuse allegations is true, the obvious parallel to the policy of Bishops in the past should be apparent to everyone. Perhaps then, some credibility might be given to the point that, however wrong and wrong-headed we see it now to be, the advice given in those days by the psychiatric community was that a pedophile was curable and simply needed treatment.

That the Bishops did not treat it first and foremost as a moral issue is at the heart of the problem I think, nevermind what advice they were receiving. That is the fundamental difference between the Catholic Church and any other institution. The Church has, and has claimed the moral high ground. We Catholics know her to be the body of Christ. That she could be so enmeshed with the standards of the world as to lose her way at the episcopal level with respect to something as clearly immoral as child abuse is deeply troubling and speaks of a spiritual deficiency.

As Phil Lawler pointed out, this aspect of the entire business was the second scandal, but hardly yet addressed head-on by the Church. Perhaps the Holy Father is doing something about this in his measured way, in his appointments and so forth, but those in the episcopal conferences seem to have no enthusiasm for the subject at all.

Dorothy Stein

I’m so glad to see you giving this attention to the horrible injustice of falsely accused Catholic priests. I have read David F. Pierre’s book, and he has demonstrated a courage and commitment to justice that too many Catholics take for granted in our Church. It is not always there and when priests are accused, they face a lynch mob from SNAP, the news media, and their own diocesan authorities. I have been reading about one of the priests featured in David Pierre’s book. Father Gordon MacRae writes weekly for an outstanding website at It is the face of injustice that the Church needs to see and heed.

Peter l

SNAP refuses to obey court order for abuse documents.

Seems like SNAP has something to hide.

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