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Thursday, January 12, 2012


The Reverend Leo E. McIlrath

Ignatian Press:
Why do you post articles by the likes of a Carl Olsen, attacking an individual's character, without offering the opportunity for those attacked, to respond. You say that you are not responsible for comments made by authors; yet, you tacitly support their comments (slanderous as they might be) without affording people the right to defend their positions. I would surely counter many of Olsen and companies' ignorant and unfounded comments if given the opportunity. He calls himself catholic but has apparently not delved into any solid history of the church or read any worthwhile biblical commentaries in recent years. Does he really speak for the Ignatian spirit? Why are additional comments closed to other readers? Rev. Leo McIlrath

Carl E. Olson

Fr. McIlrath: With all due respect, whatever in the world are you talking about?

Ed Peters

Who's Carl Olsen?

Mark W

Carl - I can loan you a biblical commentary if you need one.

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