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Monday, January 09, 2012



Two words to express my opinion of the Holy Father's message to the Bishops;

Right on!

I particularly note the theme he keeps returning to throughout his pontificate.

“As with all spiritual crises, whether of individuals or communities, we know that the ultimate answer can only be born of a searching, critical, and ongoing self-assessment and conversion in the light of Christ’s truth. Only through such interior renewal will we be able to discern and meet the spiritual needs of our age with the ageless truth of the Gospel.” What is the Pope saying here? The English title given by L’Osservatore Romano to this episcopal visit was “Evangelization and Conversion: Priorities of the Church.”

However much the world may not like to hear it, it is the function of a bishop to make sure that the essential teachings of Christ are heard, not watered down. We still must teach that ultimately conversion is the only answer.

Amen! Words to warm the heart of a Catholic from an evangelical background.

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