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Monday, January 02, 2012


Peter l

You certainly know and love your Jazz.I never really gave Jazz a try to be honest,i just never seemed to come across it much.Hmmm.

Adele is a breath of fresh air and i am glad to see the beautiful and talented Joss Stone get's a mention,she has a cracking voice.Her single "Gotta right to be wrong" came on the radio one day and i thought,who is this singer,brilliant.

Paul H

Hi Carl,

As always, I enjoy reading your musical lists. And as always, I don't know how you find the time to digest so much new music!

I find that I have only seven releases from 2011, and several of those were free downloads from The three that I actually paid for are the following:

Kurt Elling - The Gate: A very good jazz vocal album, though not Elling's best in my opinion. (Still very much worth getting though, if you like jazz vocalists.)

Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers - Rare Bird Alert: Steve Martin still may be a better actor than a musician, but nevertheless he is a pretty darn good musician, and a good songwriter. It also helps that he is working with a great band. All in all this is a nice bluegrass album, though some of their live performances are even more impressive, such as this one:

Yes - Fly from Here: This is an interesting album by Yes. It is only the second album they have ever recorded without lead vocalist Jon Anderson, the first one being 1980's Drama. So it is appropriate that this album features nearly the same line-up as Drama, and features at least one unreleased song from the Drama sessions. It lacks some of the intensity of Drama, and it also lacks some of the proggy goodness that Jon Anderson brings, but it is worth a few listens. I would say it is a good album for serious Yes fans, but others probably should pass.

Fr. Bryan

Take Care, Take Care, Take Care, by Explosions in the Sky was pretty wonderful if you like instrumental post-rock.

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